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Obstructed reView: Eliminating Expectation

"Okay, I wanna see what happens, next week. Go 'La La La', please." Then this happens while I sing the last minute of this with my eyes closed, fingers in ears. It's a little ritual that keeps our family running smoothly. A similar tradition (in tone if not practice) happens at movie theaters. After the Jodeci retreads have played and we've answered the trivia cards, the lights come down, the green rating s ...

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Obstructed reView: Opening Day and 1985

It’s opening day in Royals Land and optimism couldn’t be higher, which means that I am personally pessimistic. That’s just how I roll. I’m a Royals fan, and kind of live by the motto “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me 27 times….” Which is not to say that I’m down on my team, I love all of the players, coaches, fans, Hudlers, even the umpires. I believe that Alex Gordon will get MVP votes. I know that Sal ...

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Is Salvador Perez’s Contract Baseball’s Best?

For a long time, Tampa Bay 3B Evan Longoria's contract was considered "the best in baseball," due to his outstanding play and how cheap the contract was. However, Longoria's contract is about to get expensive, and the title may soon pass him. Which brings up the question of whether Salvador Perez may soon have this distinction. Over the next seven years, assuming all of the club options on the back end are ...

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Wil Myers – Overhyped?

A top prospect is like the backup quarterback in football -- always loved by the fans and always have unrealistic expectations put upon them. The Royals have been through this hype machine before, recently by Eric Hosmer and Mike Moustakas, but more prolifically by Alex Gordon back in 2007. It is happening again in the summer of 2012, this time with power hitting outfielder Wil Myers. The hype surrounding M ...

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When Will Wil Myers Be A Royal?

The Royals have a decision looming. Actually, a couple of them. First, they will need to decide the right time to bring up Wil Myers, and then they will have to figure out where he will play. You could argue that Myers is ready now. After hitting 13 homers and putting up a .343/.414/.731 line in 35 games at Northwest Arkansas, the Royals moved him up to Omaha for his first taste of AAA competition. So far i ...

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Royals Recap: Royals at Orioles 5.25.12

Royals Re-cap: Royals at Orioles 5.25.2012 (Bruce Chen vs. Jason Hammel)  I’m sorry folks, but there are some losses that are worth dissecting, and there are some that just warrant slapping some words together and moving on.  This game was very much the latter. Full disclosure, I didn’t get to watch the first five innings, but I did listen to most of it.  I’m not sure which one of our Royals radio guys said ...

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Tommy John and The Arms of Today

Since when did the arm of a major league pitcher become such a fragile thing.  Guys in combat sports have been labeled as having a glass jaw when they get put to sleep easily.  Maybe the new pitcher has the equivalent with a glass arm.  Long removed from the days when Nolan Ryan would man the bump for a pitch count that most today don't even come close to approaching.  He threw the ball hard really hard for ...

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Diamonds in the Rough 5.21

A 1-3 day for the Royals down on the farm.  HR Roll Call Juan Graterol (1)   Pine Tar Press Hitter of the Day Juan Graterol 2-4 2b, HR, 2 R, RBI Pine Tar Press Pitcher of the Day Greg Billo 7 IP 2 H 0 ER 1 BB 5 K   Salt Lake Bees 4 Omaha Storm Chasers 2 Mike Montgomery had a tough second inning giving up a couple singles and a blast to RF that proved too much for him and the rest of his teammates ...

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Royals Recap: Royals at Yankees 5.21.12

Royals Re-cap: Royals at Yankees 5.21.2012 (Felipe Paulino vs. Hiroki Kuroda)   On display tonight at Yankee Stadium was approximately $268 million of professional baseball talent, and a combined 28 World Series titles.  Of course the Yankees accounted for about $198 million of that figure, and 27 World Series titles.  Simply put, the only thing that separates the Yankees from the Royals is $137 million in ...

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Royals Recap: Diamondbacks at Royals 5.19.12

Royals Recap: Diamondbacks at Royals 5.19.12 (Ian Kennedy vs. Bruce Chen) That was more like it. Not that there weren't some nervous moments, but the Royals downed Arizona 7-3 Saturday night to snap their three-game losing streak. Bruce Chen was not as dominant as he was in his previous start against Texas. Well, dominant might be the wrong word for any Chen start, but Monday night in Texas he was pretty mu ...

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Royals Recap: Diamondbacks at Royals 5.18.12

Royals Recap: Diamondbacks at Royals 5.18.12 (Joe Saunders vs. Luis Mendoza) The great thing about baseball is that there is no right answer sometimes. For example, your bullpen has thrown more innings than any team in the majors. Your starter threw 5 2/3 innings of sterling relief in his last appearance, on Sunday. He has cruised through 5 innings in this game and has a 3-1 lead. Yet he is about to start o ...

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Royals Recap: Royals at White Sox 5.11.12

Royals Re-cap: Red Sox at Royals 5/11/12 (Felipe Paulino vs. Gavin Floyd)   For some reason this game reminded me of that scene in Dumb and Dumber when Lloyd Christmas approaches some strangers outside of the 7/11 convenience store and says, “Big Gulps huh?  Welp, see ya later.” Basically, the Royals just checked in today.  They showed up to the park like they were supposed to, but didn’t bring their game.  ...

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Royals Recap: Yankees at Royals 5/4/12

Royals Re-cap: Yankees at Royals 5/4/12 (C.C. Sabathia vs. Bruce Chen)   C’mon Chen!  That is exactly what most people were muttering when Bruce Chen gave up a two-run tape-measure blast to Mark Teixeira in the top of the 1st inning. The Royals quickly erased that deficit by scoring two runs in the bottom of the first via RBI doubles by Alex Gordon and Jeff Francoeur. Things remained quiet until the to ...

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Diamonds in the Rough 4.28

Royals minor league teams ended the day 3-1 with a big win by Omaha and a couple one run wins by Kane and NW Arkansas.  HR Roll Call Derrick Robinson (1,2) Cody Clark (2), Brett Eibner (2), Whit Merrifield (2) Pine Tar Press Hitter of the Day Derrick Robinson 3-6 2 HR Pine Tar Press Pitcher of the Day Kellen Moen 5 IP 5 H 0 R 1 BB 6 K     Omaha Storm Chasers 12 Memphis Redbirds 4 The Chasers bounc ...

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Diamonds in the Rough 4.27

A tough day for the Kansas City Royals affiliates after going 1-3 with only the Naturals notching a win.  HR Roll Call Carlo Testa (2)   Pine Tar Press Hitter of the Day Carlo Testa 2-4 HR, 3b, 6 RBI Pine Tar Press Pitcher of the Day Elisaul Pimentel 3 IP 0 H 0 R 0 BB 3 K   Memphis Redbird 5 Omaha Storm Chasers 4 The Chasers bullpen which has been extremely strong this season couldn't backup Vin M ...

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