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Royals Fans, We’ve Been Here Before

An opening day highly disappointing loss, aren't we used to this yet?  Every year we as Kansas City Royals fans get all worked up thinking this year is going to be different, the Royals are going to be different, luck will turn our teams way.  Not only do we expect all of that to happen as fans but it seems we expect it to happen right away.  Is it 2003's fault?  We do remember that season even though ten s ...

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Infante Ready, Royals Roster Set

Omar Infante's shoulder held up in his last test in Arizona and is seemingly ready to go, finalizing the roster for the Kansas City Royals just in time for opening day. With the health of the free agent second baseman secured the Royals moved Jason Donald down to AAA Omaha. Manager Ned Yost indicated to Andy McCullough that he was unsure if Infante could play everyday but will have him in the 2 spot on open ...

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Yost v. McCullough: Harmless Initiation, or Professional Conflict?

The Twitterz have been abuzz with the arrival of Andy McCullough, the new Royals beat reporter for the Kansas City Star. As is Twitter’s nature, people have been quick to make snap judgments about his Twitter presence and style, complaining that he’s not Duttony enough (which, consistent with Twitter’s fickle nature, is hilarious because people complained about Bob Dutton himself being far too Duttony). Twi ...

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Performance Evaluation: Luke Hochevar

Over the past few weeks I've heard a few media members in Kansas City start to perpetuate a myth in regards to Luke Hochevar.  While I don't know whether this idea came from the Royals organization or from their own mind it is one that is easily dispelled. The Myth:  Luke is either great or horribly bad with virtually no in between.  If you eliminate his 8 worst starts he has a 3.75 ERA. The first half of t ...

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Pine Tar Podcast 22.0 w/ Kevin Seitzer

Former Royals hitting coach Kevin Seitzer had plenty of interesting things to say about hitting approach, Eric Hosmer's tough 2012 and Ned Yost on the latest PTPodcast. We also had Aaron Bentley of talking about the Chicago White Sox farm system. @aaron_bentley Listen and email the show at Also available at iTunes, RSS feed as well as our new site RoyalsPodcast. ...

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Twitter Rules: The Morning After

Twitter Rules: The Morning After Royals @ Angels, 7/23/12 Angels win, 6-3. Pre-game: @DarrenWerth:  Time to watch the first pitch and head to bed. #Royals #IHateWestCoastGames I’m not saying you’re not a Royals fan if you ditch out on these late night games, but if you stayed up and watched this team play, you’re definitely a Royals fan...Or an insomniac. 3rd inning:  Eric Hosmer starts the inning with a si ...

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Anger Management: Glass, Moore, or Yost?

Who are you angry at? Come on Royals fans, you’re supposed to be angry. After getting swept by St. Louis over the weekend, and having the K overrun by red-clad Cardinal fans, and after this team got your hopes up (however modest those hopes were) and dashed them once again, and with the Royals seemingly headed to their 17th losing season in 18 years, you should be livid (although a sweep of Tampa Bay has pr ...

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Fire Ned Yost (?)

I am not normally a big proponent of firing managers. I've been a Royals fan for a long time, and have seen plenty of managers come and go. I firmly believe managers do not normally make a big difference in a team's record, especially for the better--no manager was going to make the 2006 Royals into contenders. Sure, you might get a short-term bump, but over the long haul, a bad team is a bad team. But I do ...

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Series Wrap-Up: Tigers at Royals

Series Wrap-Up: Tigers at Royals   Game 1: Justin Verlander vs. Danny Duffy This game can be summed up with one word—Verlander.  That’s really all you need to know.  He gave up a run in the first and the ninth innings, but everything in between was your run of the mill Verlander gem.  It would be negligent of me not to mention the performance of Danny Duffy.  He was given a tall order this matchup.  Not onl ...

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Explain this to me

Following last nights game Ned Yost talked about the mistake he made by pitching to Prince Fielder with Jose Mijares calling it "pure stupidity" instead of walking him and bringing in Louis Coleman to pitch to Delmon Young.  Obviously we all know that Fielder succeeded against Mijares and drove in the lead runner after a wild pitch by Mijares had already tied the game but my question is why isn't he talking ...

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Pitching To Contact: Explaining My Side of the Debate

I would like to preface this post by saying that I do not in any way expect to change anyone’s mind regarding pitching philosophy. I’m not looking to reinvent the wheel or anything major here. Many of you will likely finish reading this article with the same feelings as you came into it with -- that I’m an idiot. That’s fine, and I respect everyone’s opinions. Remember this: no two pitching philosophies are ...

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Young Pitchers Must Step Up

While young sluggers like Eric Hosmer, Mike Moustakas and Salvador Perez have entrenched themselves as the faces of the Royals youth movement, aka “The Process,” the real tell-all that will decide the fate of the Royals’ future lies within the development of the organization’s top pitching prospects. While the young hitters have boomed with success and already began making an impact on the big league club, ...

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Royals Link Up

Duffy Excellent Start Your browser does not support iframes. Frenchy shows off the Surprise facilities Gordon talks about his comfort in LF and the 2012 season Royales with Cheese has put a different spin on Stop KONY with a #STOPYUNI campaign. Nick Scott of Royals Authority examines all the feelings that Yuni stirs up among the fanbase, scouts and Royals FO. Will McDonald of Royals Review takes a look at t ...

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Bench Warmers

photo by Levi Payton The 2011 Royals were ridiculously injury free. I don't mean to put a damper on your morning so early in the day and so early in Spring Training, but it's pretty unlikely the Royals will get away so easily on the injury front in 2012. Now, it is true that having a young team certainly helps to keep teams healthy, and the Royals are certainly young, but I would bet a large sum of money th ...

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Royals Link Up (VIDEO)

Goldberg and Dutton breakdown the Rotation possibles Video: Royals pitching breakdown Yost talks about pitching and defense in the 2nd intramural game Your browser does not support iframes. Royals lock up their 21 yrs old catcher for up to 8 years Your browser does not support iframes. Jeff Zimmerman of Royals Review delved into Sal's plate approach. The Kansas City Star has been great as usual with the sta ...

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