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Money Matchup of the Day – Eric Hosmer vs Ricky Nolasco

No one matchup is the make or break in any baseball game but there are certain matchups in some games that could help decide the outcome in that game. In this new daily piece at Pine Tar Press we will take a look at an intriguing competition between two players in that days game that we feel could help decide the outcome. MMOD stats through nine games 13 for 33 2-2b, 4 HR, 4 BB, 8 R, 10 RBI .394/.474/.939 T ...

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Pine Tar Podcast Offseason Edition

David and Clint talk about the Bruce Chen signing, the Royals designating Emilio Bonifacio for assignment and the recent signing of Freddie Freeman and what that could mean for Eric Hosmer going forward. This and all episodes are available via iTunes and Stitcher Music via The Talbott Brothers ...

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Revisiting the 2011 BA Prospect Handbook

The prospect rankings are out and the Royals have placed a handful or so players on most Top 100 list that are available to seamheads. That is a testament to the talent in the Royals scouting staff here in the US and across the globe. The fact that they have graduated so many players to the pros but continue to develop or acquire prospects that interest scouts and analyst throughout baseball is impressive. ...

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Eric Hosmer’s Hot Streak

Eric Hosmer has turned his 2013 season around thanks to the power increase that started in June. The question is, as it always is for someone who was once struggling and no longer is, whether or not that is just a hot streak or randomness that will soon end, or whether or not it is "real", meaning that the hitter has actually improved in some way. So I thought the best and easiest way to do this was to look ...

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Pine Tar Podcast 23.0 Season Preview Edition w/ Greg Schaum

Greg Schaum, David Lesky and Clint Scoles give some of their predictions for the upcoming 2013 Royals season. Also Aaron Bentley of discusses the Detroit Tigers minor league system. Listen and email the show at The show is available on Stitcher, iTunes, RSS feed and our new site ...

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Performance Evaluation: Spring Games

It is early in the spring which means any evaluation of the team at this point is premature but I'll highlight a couple of performances that I think standout thus far. Big Ups Donnie Joseph - The left-handed relief pitcher is somewhat of a underdog to win a battle in the Royals bullpen but that doesn't mean he isn't the most talented candidate for the job.  The lefty used just 15 pitches to strikeout Brando ...

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Performance Evaluation: Dayton Moore and Drafting Position Players

A couple weeks ago I checked into GMDM and his crew's performance or lack there of at drafting pitchers.  I'm sure you can remember it wasn't pretty and shift the focus on what they have done well in the past, drafting positional players.  Its not easy to find a stud positional player in the draft like some of us think but GMDM's crew did a pretty solid job of it in their stint in Atlanta landing Brian McCa ...

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The Process: Most Valuable Royals Under 25

On the surface an exercise like this can look rather easy, grab all the players under 25, rate them dependent on talent and toss in but it isn't in my DNA to not weigh risk along with ceiling to make such a list.  When you toss in a player's current level, possibility of not reaching their ceiling and then add in positional scarcity, in the majors and the org, my list turns out much different than that of J ...

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Offensive Improvement Will Key Success In 2013

Although the discussion over the last two weeks has revolved around the rotation, if the Royals expect to catch the Tigers next season they are going to have to see as much (if not more) improvement from their lineup. The Royals, as a team, finished 8th in the AL in pitching WAR, due in large part to the strength of their bullpen. A bullpen which, with the exception of one three-hundred pound individual, re ...

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What the Royals Gave Up

The Royals gave up a couple longshots, a decent pitching prospect and a real stud in the trade.   Patrick Leonard - The Royals 5th round pick in 2011 showed plenty of power in his lone season with the club tying for Appy League HR title.  Leonard along with Mike Montgomery is the biggest longshot in this deal but his right-handed power along with his decent athleticism that should allow him to stick at ...

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When Will the Big Trade Get Done?

It seems inevitable at this point that a big trade involving the Royals and another team is going to get done.  What players will be involved and will GMDM be able to get enough quality pitching back is the only question at this point.  With teams like the Rays and Mariners looking to add offense while in possession of plenty of pitching there seems to be a nice natural fit with Kansas City while the usual ...

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Looking At The Royals’ 2013 Payroll

I think we can all agree (and have) that the Royals will need to add at least one, probably two, good starting pitchers in the offseason if they want to contend in 2013. The last week or so has shown what this team can do if the starting pitching is good, and I feel reasonably certain the offense will do well enough to win next year. I think we can expect, with varying degrees of certainty, a bounce-back ye ...

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Twitter Rules: The Morning After

Twitter Rules: The Morning After Royals @ Angels, 7/23/12 Angels win, 6-3. Pre-game: @DarrenWerth:  Time to watch the first pitch and head to bed. #Royals #IHateWestCoastGames I’m not saying you’re not a Royals fan if you ditch out on these late night games, but if you stayed up and watched this team play, you’re definitely a Royals fan...Or an insomniac. 3rd inning:  Eric Hosmer starts the inning with a si ...

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Series Preview – Oakland A’s, June 1-3

The Royals return home after another successful road trip to face the A's who are heading in the opposite direction. They have lost eight in a row by a combined score of 36-12. To add insult to injury, the last three games have been losses to the lowly Minnesota Twins. Before the A's began this streak, they were actually a game over .500 and hanging in there in the tough American League. Now, not so much. I ...

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The Royals’ Stage Is Set

“I’ve got something good for you,” he says. “Wait and see where we are at the end of May. That’s my quote.”--Jeff Francoeur, to the Kansas City Star's Sam Mellinger, 4/23/2012. Well, Jeff, don't mind if I do. The Royals are now two months and roughly 1/3 of the way through the 2012 campaign. Seems like a perfect time to take a step back and see what we've got. Frenchy's quote above was fairly bold, given th ...

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Royals Expectations

This post is both to take a look back and a look forward. You may recall my post on Tuesday looking at the contenders and the pretenders of the first roughly third of the season. You may also recall that the Royals were nowhere to be found on that list. The Royals, of course, sit at 21-28 and seven games behind the first place White Sox (that's one of the real shockers of the early part of 2012). Looking at ...

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The Struggles of Eric Hosmer

Of all the problems the Royals have had this year, perhaps the oddest one is the case of Eric Hosmer. After finishing third in Rookie of the Year voting last year, Hosmer looked like a star in the making. Now he’s batting .174, his OPS is the worst of any qualifying Royal hitter (yes, behind Chris Getz, Jarrod Dyson, and Humberto Quintero), and it’s time to wonder, should the Royals send Hosmer to Omaha for ...

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Royals Recap: Royals at Rangers 5.15.12

Royals Re-cap: Royals at Rangers 5/15/12 (Vin Mazzaro vs. Colby Lewis)   With respect to the pitching matchup, one thing is for sure, and that is that neither fan-base had much confidence in their starting pitcher going into this game.  Lewis did very little to calm those feelings as he gave up four runs in the 1st inning, and single runs in the 2nd and 3rd inning.  Some of those runs were attributed to err ...

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