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Pine Tar Podcast Royals Spring Training Edition

Clint briefly spoke with Kansas City Royals GM Dayton Moore and Scott Sharp front. Also Clint and David discussed the announcement that Yordano Ventura won the last starting rotation spot as well as his outstanding spring training start versus the Texas Rangers. In addition Clint spoke about what he's seen at spring training thus far.   ...

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Pine Tar Podcast Spring Training Edition with Rany Jazayerli And Soren Petro

David and Clint were lucky enough to interview two of the most intelligent Royals media personalities around. With Rany the roster breakdown, Santana offseason and last man on the bench options were discussed. The conversation turned to the ownership's commitment, whether Ned Yost is the right man for the job and GMDM performance. Clint and David also discussed David's trip to Arizona and what he saw there. ...

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Finding a Place for Billy (Mariners and NL)

As I promised the other day I would take a look at the NL and another AL team that seems like a really good option. First lets discuss the NL and what it means to trade Butler to that league. The story is Billy is bad at defense and we as fans should be able to conclude that from watching him as well as listening to the front office staff and management. The Royals to pull off this trade are going need to f ...

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Performance Evaluation: Dayton Moore and Drafting Pitchers

This year I'll be doing weekly performance evaluations of the Royals.  Most of these will center around player performances in the majors and minors but to get us started lets checkout how the General Manager and his troops have done at finding pitching talent. The Royals have moved beyond the "Greatest System" days, past the four lefty studs into the next step of The Process. Have they actually failed or i ...

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A Royal Opinion: Making up for lost time.

  Through a combination of sickness, work, and all around laziness, I haven't written anything in a while. Other than that truthfully the 2012 season was such a large disappointment that I just needed to get away from thinking about the Royals.  Also watching the Athletics and Orioles make the playoffs and yet another deep run by the Cardinals has made me hungrier for a winner in KC.  All of this has c ...

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A Royals Opinion: A Winning rotation in 2013

The 2012 Royals rotation has been a disaster, there is no other way to describe it. Whether through injuries or just guys just plain old sucking, the rotation has easily been the Royals biggest weakness. However, like all things it can be fixed, unfortunately this is the Royals though and therefore nothing is easy. It will mean Dayton Moore will have to truly admit this is a problem and be both aggressive a ...

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Trade Deadline Mostly A Success For Royals

The July 31 trade deadline is a great thing for bloggers and for bad baseball teams. For us bloggers, it’s an easy topic of discussion, especially if you want to trash the general manager (“Why didn’t he trade Player A for Players B, C, D, and the other team’s best prospect?” Not that I’ve seen any Royals bloggers doing that.). For bad baseball teams, it’s a chance to turn players who aren’t part of the fut ...

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Royals Need To Make The Trade That Hurts

No, the trade that hurts is not Melky Cabrera for Jonathan Sanchez. While that has turned out to be a horrible trade, at least there was a reason for it. In my view, the reasoning was solid, but no one could have imagined Cabrera playing this well this year, Sanchez being absolutely awful, and Lorenzo Cain missing half the season instead of taking over in center field for Cabrera. Some trades are awful from ...

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The All-Star Experience: Kansas City Edition

Relevancy, it was nice knowing you.  You were equal parts refreshing and depressing, and in the span of five days you came and went.  You were refreshing because I still have rapidly fading memories of when the Kansas City Royals were a relevant MLB team.  I was too young to enjoy the golden years of Royals baseball in the late-70’s/early -80’s, but the game of baseball had me firmly in its grasp as a six y ...

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Cravens view through the looking GLASS…(a different viewpoint on the Glass incident): Guest article by Ethan Weiner

(Drops the mic and walks out) That's how Royals owner David Glass’s interview with The Danny Parkins Show at the 2012 All-Star Game Fan Fest ended Friday, July 7. Originally when I saw Mr. Glass was going on air, I was interested and stopped to tune in via the 610Sports app. I was interested in hearing the owner’s opinion on the current state of the franchise, his expectations for the upcoming offseason and ...

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Anger Management: Glass, Moore, or Yost?

Who are you angry at? Come on Royals fans, you’re supposed to be angry. After getting swept by St. Louis over the weekend, and having the K overrun by red-clad Cardinal fans, and after this team got your hopes up (however modest those hopes were) and dashed them once again, and with the Royals seemingly headed to their 17th losing season in 18 years, you should be livid (although a sweep of Tampa Bay has pr ...

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Yes, The Royals Are In The Race

I enjoy Twitter a lot—it’s a great way to get information and to interact with other Royals fans. I like to follow as many Royals fans as I can (if you’re on Twitter, follow me @Darin_Watson and I will follow you back). It’s a good way to take the temperature of the fanbase, I think. I was quite surprised when I checked Twitter after the game and saw some debate over whether the Royals are “in the race” or ...

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At what point does OBP matter?

The Royals made a trade yesterday sending Kevin Chapman and a PTBNL to the Houston Astros for Catcher Humberto Quintero and Outfielder Jason Bourgeois. Quintero by most accounts is a stud defensively receiving raves from scouts while also ranking well by sabermetric writers Mike Fast (Current Astros FO member) and Bojan Koprivica in framing and blocking pitches. Catching is probably the most difficult posit ...

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Royals Make an Intelligent Move (VIDEO)

General manager Dayton Moore made an intelligent move Monday deciding to lock up what he and Ned Yost see as the Royals franchise behind the plate for the next 8 years. Ken Rosenthal ‏ @Ken_Rosenthal Close Congrats to #Royals on five-year extension for Sal Perez. But they have an interesting definition of "major announcement." #MLB While some fans and media alike didn't see this as a big signing, the press ...

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Wil Myers 2014 Rookie of the Year

Kansas City is about to start spring training for the 2012 season.  Their starting 9 is set for the most part with the possible exception of 2nd base meaning deciding who fills the roles on the bench is all that is left.  The three outfield spots are manned with Alex Gordon Lorenzo Cain and Jeff Franceour this season and are under control for at least the next two seasons.  With those spots filled where doe ...

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