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2014 MLB Draft Profile – Kyle Schwarber

Kyle Schwarber 1b/C 6' 240 lbs Indiana University B/T L-R  Stats as of April 11 21 yo Junior  .342/.451/.567 6-2b, 3-3b, 5 HR 22/13 BB-SO '12 Cape Cod 44 G  .343/.432/.564 10-2b, 2-3b, 8 HR 24/30 BB-SO '12 Indiana 19 yo Frosh 60 G .300/.390/.513 15-2b, 5-3b, 8 HR 30/24 BB-SO '13 Cape Cod 9 G .432/.475/.541 1-2b 1 HR 3/6 BB-SO '13 Indiana 20 yo Soph 61 gms .366/.456/.647 10-2b, 1-3b, 18 HR 42/37 BB-SO Long a ...

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Performance Evaluation; Royals Outfield Review

What can you say about the Royals outfield play so far? Other than fantastic there isn't much one can really say to be honest. Alex Gordon - Easy Team MVP so far as pretty much every Royals blog and writer predicted Alex has started off on fire and appears to be playing at the level most had thought when he was drafted. Not only is his play on the field outstanding but his presence is even creating an impac ...

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Pine Tar Podcast 25.0 Writer Predictions Show

David and Clint had a few writers from the site on to give their Royals season predictions. Darin Watson @Darin_Watson Wins 82 (2nd in Division) Team MVP Alex Gordon Hitter of the Year Billy Butler Pitcher of the Year Ervin Santana Biggest Disappointment Alcides Escobar or Lorenzo Cain World Series Winner Washingon Nationals Josh Ward @JoshuaKWard Wins 83 (2nd) Team MVP Gordon HOY Alex Gordon POY James Shie ...

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Five Bold Predictions For 2013

Unfortunately, I won't be able to go on a long-winded and misguided rant regarding the Royals, Luke Hochevar or Manti Te'o. Today, all I have to offer you is some interesting predictions regarding individual performances I think we'll see this season. And trust me, this feels like a cop out to me as much as it does to you. 1. The Royals Have At Least Two All-Stars It may not sound very bold, but considering ...

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Royals Could Encounter Trade Roadblocks

With the Royals trying to acquire one more starting pitcher so they may contend with there are plenty of teams that could put a wrench into the Royals plan.  It is said that Kansas City is willing to give up one key piece in exchange for at least one starting pitcher who can make a difference. Miami Marlins - Giancarlo Stanton - With the Marlins in rebuild mode yet again and Mr. Stanton dissatisfied with th ...

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A Royals Opinion: Deadline and Beyond

The Deadline Jonathan Broxton is now a Cincinnati Red, and Royals fans rejoiced. It wasn’t that Broxton was awful, but he really didn’t have a place on this team moving forward. Broxton was a trade candidate the moment he signed his contract, so it would be up to Dayton Moore to get the best possible deal. What Dayton got was just that, two pitchers with upside. The first is RHP J.C. Sulbaran. He has spent ...

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Royals Recap: Brewers at Royals 6.12.12

Royals Re-cap: Brewers at Royals 6/12/12 (Zack Greinke vs. Luis Mendoza)  A little soapbox rant to start—if you booed Zack Greinke, shame on you.  Prior to Greinke, when was the last time the Royals featured a starting pitcher to be truly excited about every fifth day?  David Cone? Kevin Appier?  Bret Saberhagen?  Jeff Suppan?...Ok, just wanted to see if you were awake.  Greinke single-handedly forced MLB t ...

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Royals Expectations

This post is both to take a look back and a look forward. You may recall my post on Tuesday looking at the contenders and the pretenders of the first roughly third of the season. You may also recall that the Royals were nowhere to be found on that list. The Royals, of course, sit at 21-28 and seven games behind the first place White Sox (that's one of the real shockers of the early part of 2012). Looking at ...

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Royals Recap 5.5

Felipe Paulino looked much like the pitcher Kansas City fans saw in 2011 a confident sometimes dominating starter that misses plenty of bats but that can encounter stamina issues at times.  On this night though Paulino survived that stamina problem thanks to a couple very good defensive plays from his right fielder earning a well deserved win. Paulino may have been given his early confidence thanks to a cou ...

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Series Wrap-Up: Tigers at Royals

Series Wrap-Up: Tigers at Royals   Game 1: Justin Verlander vs. Danny Duffy This game can be summed up with one word—Verlander.  That’s really all you need to know.  He gave up a run in the first and the ninth innings, but everything in between was your run of the mill Verlander gem.  It would be negligent of me not to mention the performance of Danny Duffy.  He was given a tall order this matchup.  Not onl ...

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Series Wrap-Up: Royals at Athletics

Series Wrap-Up: Royals @ Athletics  Game 1:  Luis Mendoza vs. Tommy Milone Tommy who?  Tommy Milone.  Not only did the Royals lineup know nothing about him, they decided to attack Milone by leaving their bats at the hotel.  No, he wasn’t blowing batters away, as he failed to register a single strikeout.  Instead, he just scattered 3 hits, 0 runs on 93 pitches.  Royals batters 1-4 were a combined 1 for 13, a ...

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Royals Link Up

Duffy Excellent Start Your browser does not support iframes. Frenchy shows off the Surprise facilities Gordon talks about his comfort in LF and the 2012 season Royales with Cheese has put a different spin on Stop KONY with a #STOPYUNI campaign. Nick Scott of Royals Authority examines all the feelings that Yuni stirs up among the fanbase, scouts and Royals FO. Will McDonald of Royals Review takes a look at t ...

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Royals Make an Intelligent Move (VIDEO)

General manager Dayton Moore made an intelligent move Monday deciding to lock up what he and Ned Yost see as the Royals franchise behind the plate for the next 8 years. Ken Rosenthal ‏ @Ken_Rosenthal Close Congrats to #Royals on five-year extension for Sal Perez. But they have an interesting definition of "major announcement." #MLB While some fans and media alike didn't see this as a big signing, the press ...

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Where Do They Rank – Left Field

It's interesting to see how baseball has evolved over the years going from a game where pitchers dominated to a game where the bats dominated and then bounced back and forth over time. Currently, we're in a bit of an offensive downswing which has put more of a premium on defense. You can see that around the diamond as teams are sacrificing offense with the knowledge that a run saved is worth nearly as much ...

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Wil Myers 2014 Rookie of the Year

Kansas City is about to start spring training for the 2012 season.  Their starting 9 is set for the most part with the possible exception of 2nd base meaning deciding who fills the roles on the bench is all that is left.  The three outfield spots are manned with Alex Gordon Lorenzo Cain and Jeff Franceour this season and are under control for at least the next two seasons.  With those spots filled where doe ...

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