Scouts View-The Kansas City Royals 2012 Draft from the eyes of the scouts that signed them Reviewed by Momizat on . 2012 Draft: Area Scouts Reports for the Kansas City Royals [caption id="attachment_17764" align="alignleft" width="255"] (Photo Bill Mitchell)[/caption] Zach Lo 2012 Draft: Area Scouts Reports for the Kansas City Royals [caption id="attachment_17764" align="alignleft" width="255"] (Photo Bill Mitchell)[/caption] Zach Lo Rating: 0
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Scouts View-The Kansas City Royals 2012 Draft from the eyes of the scouts that signed them

Scouts View-The Kansas City Royals 2012 Draft from the eyes of the scouts that signed them

2012 Draft: Area Scouts Reports for the Kansas City Royals

(Photo Bill Mitchell)

Zach Lovvorn RHP 6’0; 185 Oxford HS, Alabama

Name of Scout: Sean Gibbs

Area Covered: GA, AL, TN

What were your thoughts the first time you saw the player:

Zach is what is known in the industry as a “Pop up Guy”. This reference is because this player really came on in the spring. As a whole, most of the industry had not seen him much or at all in the summer or fall of 2011. This doesn’t happen as much in the south with all the travel teams and showcase events. If it does it often happens in a situation like this one, where he played on a good high school team and there were other quality players in front of him and he developed late on an established team. I went in early in the year to see a couple of his teammates in a very early year inter-squad game. He was playing catch in the OF and he was doing it really easy. I asked his High School Coach (Wes Brooks) about him. He had good comments about Zach. Brooks said” he was going to be their number # Starter this season. He had grown several inches in the last 6 months and was really coming on”. Unfortunately, he was not throwing off the mound on that day. So I jotted Zach’s name down in my scouting book and asked Wes to continue to let me know when he would pitch along with the other known guys and how he was coming along. Later that spring he gave me a call that all his guys were going to pitch at some time in the double header they were having against another quality high school team with another prospect on it. He also mentioned Zach was getting stronger and his last outing was his best while at the school. That first night was pretty cool and he pitched solid but not overpowering. Though I liked what I saw, his arm just really worked easy and the ball came out really clean. Also when you see his family, both parents have good height to them and knowing how much he has grown in the last 6 months. I thought this was a player that had the chance to continue to grow and look a whole lot different by the time he turned 20 or 21 than he did now.  It was really more of a gut feel than anything else.

How did you follow the player from first time until the draft?

After my first time seeing Zach, I knew we had a shorter time to see and evaluate him, due to Alabama high school baseball season ending earlier in the spring than many of the surrounding States. I called our Southeast Cross Checker (Gregg Kilby) and asked him to come see Zach as soon as he could. He got in the next week and Zach pitched even better for him than he pitched when I saw him. We did all we could to see his starts down the stretch, which were a bit sporadic and spread out. One of our other scouts (Keith Connelly) was able to change his plans at 12am one night to get into see his last start at about 10am the next morning, when the rest of us were in different parts of the country watching other players. The other biggest asset is he skipped a lot of his high school graduation festivities and trips to drive out to KC with his family to throw in front of our Front Office and Cross Checkers. He threw really well and showed his desire to start his professional career.

Does he play other sports that you watched, and were those sports part of your evaluation-if so, what did you like about him as an overall athlete?

I did not see Zach in any other sports.

Do you have a relationship with the player’s family and how important was that during this process?

His parents were very involved in the draft process. They came with Zach to Kansas City for our pre-draft workout. They made it clear they wanted to learn as much about the Royals and professional baseball as they could to help Zach make an educated decision. Though they made it also very clear it was his life, career and dreams and he was going to have the final say. Both sides felt comfortable in the process and this gives both sides and easiness to making a decision to draft & sign as well as start a professional career.

How has the player evolved since you first saw him? (Makeup off the field, on field presence and skill set)

Zach as I mentioned earlier, was a bit of a pop up guy and late bloomer. We liked his raw tools and upside. He got a little better each time out. He has a long way to go, as does any high school player. Though for me, has the raw attributes you look for in a Major League Starting Pitcher. Topping that list are a good and clean arm action, a projectable body, lively fastball and quality developing secondary lead right now by an advance change-up.

What does this player need to continue to work on and what do you think his ceiling is?

Zach needs time & innings. He has not had the innings most of the top high school pitchers that signed in this draft, have had at this stage of their career. He has a very fresh arm and the advantage to learn and develop right out of high school from a great minor league staff. He knew this first summer was going to be very tough for him and there would be numerous up’s & down’s though out the season, as he learned and developed as a professional pitcher. Though every time I have talked to Zach this summer, all he wants to talk about is how much he is learning from our player development staff and how well overall he feels with his progress as a pitcher. His last start was his best yet as professional pitcher, so I feel he is starting to figure some things out. If Zach continues to work hard and makes the strides and applies what he is being taught by the player development staff then he definitely has the raw attributes & abilities to be a quality Major League Starting pitcher with a mix of Shaun Marcum and Ryan Vogelsong in the way he goes about it.

(Photo David Asher)

Fred Ford OF 6’5; 200 Jefferson CC, Missouri

Scout: Keith Connolly

Covers Junior College & Canada Crosschecker

Tell me about the first time you saw Fred?

While I’m given credit for the signing of this player I must point out that it was more of a team effort between myself, Scott Melvin, Ken Munoz and our entire scouting staff.  Our area scouts cover almost every post-season tournament. The JUCO World Series in Grand Junction, CO was assigned to Ken Munoz (our 4 corners area scout) and since I cross check all JC’s I joined him after watching the Big East Tournament in Florida.  We asked all our area scouts who had teams from their area participating in the JUCO WS to send us a list of players they had interest in and or turned in.  Both Ken and I were to watch the 8 teams but also concentrate on the 12-14 names our scouts liked. Fred Ford was 1 of 3 Jefferson County players that Scott Melvin gave us. 

On paper (Statistically) Fred was having a great season, among the best in the tournament in regards to AVG, HR’s and Stolen Bases.  When we first saw him he was as good as advertised.  6’5″ – 215 lb athletic tall lean build. Similar to Jayson Werth or Corey Hart.  The only question we had was why was he playing 1B? He was more athletic & speedy than a  true traditional first baseman and after speaking to Head Coach Sam Carel he assured us that he could play the OF and had done it in the past. He was at 1B more for need, and he was actually a pretty good one. He showed the arm strength and agility that convinced us it was worth trying if we could draft & sign him. Throughout the tournament he had a lot of offensive success; he was the catalyst for a very good Jeff Co line up.  All toll he hit 4 big HR’s but he did them in big spots, drove in runs, and helped his team in all areas.

What can you say about Fred’s make up and do you have a relationship with his family ?

Fred looked like a true leader & winner. Sam Carel spoke very highly of Fred’s character & make up when we sat down with him in between games. Coach Carel introduced us to both his parents who had traveled out by car to watch there son play and as soon as we met them we knew what a strong family & support system he had. They are both very proud of what Fred had accomplished and good hearted loving parents.

How did you follow Fred after the tournament?

Because Jefferson College was eliminated from the JUCO WS one day prior to our scheduled pre draft workout in KC @ Kauffman Stadium, Fred, on his own, got on a plane the next morning to KC while his teammates and parents drove back to school. Fred participated in the workout and turned a lot of heads with the way he looked, carried himself and performed.  He showed to be a better runner that we thought, possessed a good enough arm to play the OF, but most noteworthy was his natural raw power in BP as he was hitting balls into the seats of Kauffman Stadium.  Everyone from our staff was on the same page now, and it was to get Fred Ford in a Royals Uniform.  

We were very fortunate to get Fred in the round we did, and it was because of the effort of our whole staff and great timing.  A day after we called Fred’s name he was anxious to go out and start playing, we brought him into KC signed him and he and his mom sat and watched there first Royals game. 

What does Ford need to continue to work on?

Going forward Fred just needs to play, get AB’s and adjust to professional pitching. He’s going have to improve in the OF because he’s making the transition from 1B to RF, but we believe his athleticism and attitude will allow for success in time. Like all big power hitters he’s going to strike out some, he just needs to learn what pitchers are trying to do against him and make adjustments. (But, if his power production is ahead of his strike outs than we can live with some of them) He’s the kind of kind who will work at it, we are very lucky to have him and he fits in with what our organization is trying to draft & develop.

(Photo Bill Mitchell)

Alfredo Escalera-Maldonado OF 6’1; 180 Pendleton HS, Florida

Scout: Alex Mesa

Area Covered:South Florida

1st time you saw Alfredo what were your impressions?

It was this time last year and he was in a Perfect Game showcase in Fort Myers. I saw a fluid swing and a long and loose body that ran well. He caught y eye but I didn’t want to give him to much attention. He made an impression though and really caught me by surprise. I eventually made my way to the dugout to get a word with him and he was just so impressive. You know that feeling when you just connect right away with someone.

How did you follow him until this year’s draft?

After the initial contact I stayed in touch thru different avenues including talking to his high school coach. I had access to him in the fall and other baseball events that weren’t school related. Every time I watched him I was eager to see him more and more. The more you saw the more I liked the body and tools. Also, getting to know him more as a person and knowing what a great kid he is.

Did you watch him play other sports?

Unfortunately I never saw him play but I do think that is important. But he strictly played baseball. I like kids that play other sports because it allows young players to develop different muscles. But, no I never saw him play volleyball or basketball.

Are you close to his family ?

As an organization we feel it is important to be close to the family. it is huge for us. Before drafting a person it is my personal philosophy that you have to have a connection with the player and his family. Because, after all you want that person to be a part of the Royals family and that extends to the players family. You want to still communicate with them (the players family) which is fantastic (for them) to be able to see their son grow as a part of his other family (the Royals)

What is his ceiling?

Indescribable, how much he grows I think he could end up as a Carlos Beltran type if he hits the way I think he will. He has pop and I liken him to 1st round pick Albert Almora (Cubs) who has been on the scout scene the last 4 years compared to Alfredo. But, I think his ceiling has him hitting for a high average and a chance for high pop while his present tools show a plus field, hit, arm while already having all star make-up.

It sounds to me like Carlos was a pop up guy which has to be rare for the state of Florida?

Yeah, he kind of was, especially when you comp him to a guy like Almora who has been seen since he was 14 or 15. But, a “pop-up” guy for sure in Florida is very rare.

What does he need to work on?

I think naturally strength will come and with his long loose frame a natural maturation process will happen. But the biggest thing right now is that he should only be a senior this year and he was young for this draft. So, he needs to just learn the maturity aspect of this game and let the tools and body mature.


Daniel Stumpf LHP 6’2; 200 San Jacinto JC, Texas

Brian Rhees

Area Covered: South Texas

When was the first time you saw Daniel? 

The first time I saw Daniel was in the early fall of 2011.  He was pitching in a fall game and pitched 3 innings.  I saw a strong body with arm strength, clean arm action and feel for a change up.  He was throwing a curve ball and a slider which both blended together as one pitch.  Based upon being strong, left handed and having arm strength, I knew this would be a player to continue to follow thru the fall.

How did you follow Stumpf up until the draft?

I continued to watch him throughout the fall for several more outings.  The junior colleges start earlier than the 4 year schools and high schools in the spring so he became a player to see early.  I tried to be discreet about the number of times I would see him to not tip off that I was really on him.  I had an associate scout coaching in the same conference at a rival school keep me informed as to how he was doing.

Did you watch him play any other sports?

Daniel only played baseball. But, I liked his overall strength level and the competitive fire he showed on the mound.

Do you have a relationship with his family?

My relationship was with Daniel.  I tried to keep it the same as I had with other prospects on his team to not disclose my interest level. 

How did he progress since the first time you saw him?

Daniel was always a strong competitor.  He had become a better pitcher, being smarter on how to use his best stuff and throw strikes with it.

Is there a player he reminds you of?

He reminds me of Daniel Schlereth.  He is a guy that can start or relieve and is very competitive.

Do you have a ceiling you see for him?

It is always difficult to project a ceiling.  I believe that his skill set can work as a back end rotation starter or as a left handed situational reliever.  He must continue to sharpen his command and continue to work on his breaking pitches.



Zeb Sneed RHP 6’4; 190 Northwest Nazarene JC Idaho

Scout: Scott Ramsay

Area Covered: Pacific Northwest /Alaska/Hawaii/Western Canada

When was the first time you saw Zeb?

I saw this kid as a junior in HS. He had a long, lanky body w/ a loose arm and sat in the low 80’s. I didn’t think much of him then, but put a weak follow on him to see as a senior in HS.

How did you follow the player from first time until the draft?

As a HS senior, I watched him throw against Vauxhall Academy out of Canada. He was up to 86 mph, showed competitiveness and had some leverage in his arm action. Again, he wasn’t a guy I thought was ready to go out, but a guy to watch when he got to college.

Do you have a relationship with the player’s family and how important was that during this process:

In the summer after his senior year, I began a relationship w/ his family. I invited his brother, Cy, to my tryout camp in Dillon, MT. After the tryout, I invited Cy to play on the Royals Pacific NW Scout Team. Since not having an associate scout in SE Idaho, I also put his dad, Bob, on as a scout. This was a good move as it would make it easy to keep tabs on both boys, and other players in an area that was remote and far from everywhere. Despite the 1,000 mile drives, the Sneed’s always showed up for the scout team games.

How has the player evolved since you first saw him? (Makeup off the field, on field presence and skill set)

When Zeb arrived at a small 4 year school in the fall of his freshman year, he got bigger and his velocity took a jump immediately. His dad kept me informed of any updates through video and when spring arrived, I made sure I got a glimpse of him. The arm strength was there. He had some mechanical flaws that I thought could be worked out in the next 2 years.

After his sophomore year in college he played in a summer collegiate league and had good success, which showed the jump he’d made….and the bearing down process began.

The main difference in this kid since I first saw him was the jump he made physically and his overall skill set. He’s always been personable on and off the field and an overall guy who is willing to help others.

What does this player need to continue to work on and what do you think his ceiling is?

The tools for success are there, and now, w/ the better competition he’s facing, needs to make the adjustments at each level to continue the success he’s had in the past. This kid has big ceiling w/ a good arm. He needs to trust in his stuff and development and be patient. He reminds me of Jason Young when he arrived at Stanford as a freshman.

Parker Morin C 5’11, 195 UTAH

Scout: Ken Munoz

Area Covered: 4 Corners

What are your first memories of Parker?

The first thing that got my attention about Parker was his swing.  He showed a nice swing from the left side with some pop.  Spraying line drives all around the field looked easy to him.  Then I saw him catch and throw and knew he was a prospect.

How did you follow Morin up until the draft?

I followed him this spring, seeing him many times since his team had a closer that was also a prospect.  Being that his teammate was a closer, he was hard to see and I had to watch his team play a full weekend series usually to see him throw, so  in the process, I got to see Parker a bunch.

How has Parkers game matured since you first saw him?

Parker has evolved since I first saw him as a guy competing for playing time with the other catcher, to winning the starting job and hitting in the middle of the lineup.  His confidence grew and as the season went on and he became a fun guy to watch catch and hit.

What does he need to do to improve?

Parker will need to continue to develop defensively as a catcher.  The skill of deadening a blocked ball will need to be developed.  But he is solid all around and he is off to a nice a start.


Andrew Triggs RHP 6’4; 210 University of Southern California

Report by Lonnie Goldberg

Director of Scouting for theKansas CityRoyals

I have been following Andrew for 3 years as the Friday night starter for USC. He is a big bodied kid that can be used as a starter or a situational reliever. Playing in one of the top baseball conferences in the country, he has always been a great competitor with good mound presence. Had TJ surgery in HS and battled a couple of minor injuries while at USC. The first thing you notice with this red shirt senior is his sinker. It will be a plus pitch against both RHH and LHH at all levels. He will show you an avg to plus slider. Plus make up both on and off the field. Graduated with honors with a degree in political science and is working on his masters in business. Older and can be a quick mover through our system. If he can stay healthy and command his pitches he has a good chance of playing in the big leagues in the near future. I believe he was one of the top senior signs of the draft.


John Walter RHP 6’5; 225 Penn State University

Report by Lonnie Goldberg

Director of Scouting for the Kansas City Royals

When was the first time you saw John?

The first time I saw John was @ the Penn State scout day in his freshman year. He was a big RHP 6’5 with long arms…showed some arm strength…thought this kid will be a guy to follow.

Talk to me about how you followed Walter thru his time at PennState?

I did not see him pitch in the spring of his freshman yr, saw again in scout day of soph yr…saw him pitch in early spring of soph yr…showed arm strength and ability to spin BB…a guy to keep an eye on.

Did you watch him play any other sports?

Being a college player, he did not play any other sports to follow…

Do you have a relationship with his family?

I did not have any contact with his family. I saw him multiple times of his junior (draft year), met with him and liked his confidence and attitude….did have conversation with his father prior to the draft…Dad had played on national championship football team at Penn State in 1982…Mother was also a college field hockey player…younger brother is playing football at Princeton…thus a very athletically oriented family.

Does John remind you of anyone, what do you think his ceiling is, and what does he need to improve on?

Looks like Eric Plunk on the mound with glasses and his stature….has good upside with body and arm…if FB command continues to improve he will progress nicely…has made nice adjustment going from a starting pitcher most of his college career to a closer in pro ball.

Come back tomorrow for Rounds 1-5


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  • travis

    Awesome post idea Greg! This is high-quality stuff we can’t find anywhere else.

    One thing I wonder is where did the scouts slot their players? I’m sure they won’t divulge that. I’m curious how many players a team like Royals has on their board on draft day and where do they ultimately fall. Does a guy like Ford get listed as a 3rd RD talent but there are so many on the board that he’s still available in the 7th. Do scouts sit in the draft room and just pull their hair out when one of “their guys” goes a few rounds earlier than expected (just like fantasy drafts!)?


    “Zeb Sneed RHP 6’4; 190 Northwest Nazarene JC Idaho” …….Northwest Nazarene University (NNU) is not a JC as in Junior College it is a 4 yr University that competes in the NCAA division II specifically the Great Northwest Athletic Conference…..sorry I graduated from another Nazarene University so couldn’t let that go uncorrected……….great stuff as always Greg

  • Greg Schaum

    Greg Schaum

    Associate scouts are not full time guys…they work and answer to the area scout

    Not uncommon to hire a dad that is active in the baseball community….John Lamb’s father, for instance…when you recognize you have an advantage by hiring that person who covers an area….why not?

    Camps can be a couple of things- one is chosen teams by the scouts to play in tournaments like PG or Area Code games…if you peruse the web you will see teams in these tourneys supported by MLB franchises…also why if you google a player in the majors you might see them in another MLB uniform playing as an amateur

    Scouts also have tryout camps in or around an area….I went to several as a player at places like Johnson Community College….I have also attended (to observe) these camps at schools like William Jewell and Rockhurst….generally, no one gets signed out of these

    They are….I think they have a trust factor with me and I also think there is more of a willingness to be recognized for their hard work because they are competing against so many other things these days….I don’t think it hurts to be known before you are needed….especially when it comes to watching as many games as these baseball guys do

  • zrod10

    1) what’s an associate scout?
    2) a scout hired a dad to be a scout. How?
    3) scouts have camps? How does this work?
    4) I was surprised by this piece…aren’t scouts usually pretty quiet about things getting out with their name tied to it?

    Great work

  • Greg Schaum

    Greg Schaum

    No problem….i have gotten to know a lot of these people over the last few years and they can provide am excellent opportunity to be seen…

  • kcastrofan

    This was fantastic Greg! I truly appreciate the depth and research you provide as my son is playing in some of the same Showcase events and it helps to understand the process. Thanks again.

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