Danny Duffy leaves the organization Reviewed by Momizat on . Danny Duffy has informed teammates and told the Royals that he is walking away from the game. I will give you more details as I get them but I was told by someo Danny Duffy has informed teammates and told the Royals that he is walking away from the game. I will give you more details as I get them but I was told by someo Rating:
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Danny Duffy leaves the organization

Danny Duffy leaves the organization

Danny Duffy has informed teammates and told the Royals that he is walking away from the game. I will give you more details as I get them but I was told by someone close to the situation that he had lost his love of the game and wanted to go back to school.

Certainly this is a shocking development in the Royals prospects world and equally tough for the Royals brass who could not comment on this situation. (I can’t blame them considering the circumstances)

Danny has a bright future in baseball and pitched for the Royals last season in the futures game in St.Louis…regarded as one of the best prospects in the system this is a huge loss if he stays away from the game.

One can hope that he will take the time that he would have missed anyway and can re-group and find that love again while taking the mound as planned for the Naturals in June.

I am a big fan of Danny and have met and visited with him a few times and I know this is a kid from a solid family back ground that might just be a little lost right now.

He has shown signs of being unique throughout his young career…people that follow me might remember last season when he threw a slider in the midwest league all star game. Why is this signifigant? Because the Royals minor leaguers do not throw this pitch until they get to AA. If you read reports on that game you can find scouts raving about this pitch which is a very good one for Danny…I guess I am saying that he knew he had this pitch in his back pocket and wanted to show it off…which he did

People have said that Duffy mirrors Greinke in several ways (both are a bit quirky¬†and unique)…he changes speeds with the best of them and does not realize he is even doing it. I guess, he and Greinke now have something else in common…They have both walked away from the game…Let’s hope Danny comes back and reaches his potential like Zack did…

this is what I wrote about him after the 2009 season:

I am a big fan of Danny Duffy. He is a kid who has tremendous want and I appreciate that in any athlete. He is interesting because he has the ability to change speeds and keep hitters on their toes. Those are qualities that will only help him as he matures. He has put up some big numbers as he has struck out 290 batters in 242 career professional innings. He represented the Royals in the Futures Game in St. Louis and pitched in the Carolina League All-Star Game. I expect him to continue to make his way to the big leagues as a 21 year old for AA next season. He pitched well this year at High-A Wilmington as a 20-year-old going 9-3 with a 2.98 ERA in 127 innings pitched with 125 strikeouts and only 41 walks. An American League scout says Duffy is “another intriguing lefty arm. Fastball topped out at 93 for me and sat anywhere between 87-93. Would like to see more consistent velocity. Both secondary pitches could end up plus offerings. Throws a big curveball that is a little reminiscent of Zito, though not on that level. Curveball has a lot of action and nice separation from fastball. Control/command should improve with maturity. See ceiling as a mid-rotation guy.”

this is what I wrote about Danny after the 2008 season:

This kid from Lompoc, California is a tough kid. The son of a Santa Barbara County Sherrif’s dept. corrections officer and Cabrillo High (Danny’s alma mater) baseball coach for 20 years , Duffy was only 5′4 entering high school. He never let his size deter his love of the game and was one of So Cals premiere pitching prospects entering his senior year. Duffy can mix his fastball and curve balls with varying velocity and this has led many to believe he has the change to be an elite left handed starter. 2009 expectation SP with high A Wilmington

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Grew up on the streets of Overland Park...played my high school ball at Shawnee Mission North before playing college ball in Riverside, CA. I graduated from an original Big 8 school and love this great city. My favorite player as a kid was Frank Tanana and I thought U.L Washington was a cool MOFO

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  • Greg Schaum


    John is pitching in the Frontier League this season. Talented arm but a kid that has never been able to escape his ego……in the meantime not taking care of his body and being in poor shape while also getting himself into some trouble….He was suspended and eventually released by the Royals

  • Dave

    What is the John Flanagan story? What made him retire, and how much upside did he have? Any chance he’ll ever play pro baseball again, even in Indy Leagues? have never heard his story.

  • Jared

    Duffy hurt his arm throwing too hard early in ST. They said it was to impress management, but it made me think of Zack’s meltdown before he left the game 3 years ago, when he was trying to throw the ball through the catcher in a bullpen session. Who knows? Maybe Duffy was frustrated, and was letting off steam. Maybe not, but just a thought. Regardless, I hope the best for him, whether he returns or not.

  • Blando13

    This is bad news and Hillman knew we needed some good news … he delivered by placing Aviles at SS! Hoping this means something that I’ve been wanting since we made that sad move last year!

  • RoyalsRetro

    Between Zack, and Danny Gutierrez, and Dan Cortes and now Duffy, I have to wonder what kind of support system the Royals have in place in the lower minors to help these guys mature both on and off-the field? Sure, these kids bear a bulk of the responsibility, but when you invest so much in these kids, I would think the team would do anything it could to help these kids grow up.

  • Clint kcscoliny

    This sucks I was looking forward to watching Danny take on the challenge of playing in a less pitcher friendly league. It’s too bad that he couldn’t have decided this prior to the season so it wouldn’t look like the first bit of adversity he ran into he quit. Oh well you can’t pick you timing on things all the time. Luckily for KC this doesn’t really have too much effect other than some top 10 list and open a spot in Arkansas. I wish Danny all the luck in life

  • kcghost

    Each of us have to live our own lives, so what can you say. Let’s hope that GMDM and Hillman are as savvy at handling a troubled kid as Baird and Bell were.

  • geo

    I just had the strangest feeling of deja vu, like it’s 2006 all over again, even thought it seems like the actual circumstances are a bit different. One of the things that Zack discovered during his hiatus was that he couldn’t live without baseball after all. I guess we’ll see what happens with Danny and that he finds what he wants.

  • thehousefrankbuiltliterally

    Hmm, this kind of seems like it came out of no where. Didn’t Duffy just strain his arm this spring throwing to hard trying to impress? Was that just a cover or was this latest injury just the thing that set him off thinking about what he wanted to do with his life?

    Anyway, it’s a good thing we’re fairly deep in LHP currently. If this would have happened a couple years ago, even last year it would have been a lot more devastating I think.

  • Will

    this is stunning

  • Blando13

    Bummer! Was this in the works as early as the start of spring when he was in the Major League camp? Do you have the feeling that this will be similar to the Greinke leave and he will eventually find his way back or do you consider this to be more of a perminant leave? Hope he finds what he’s looking for (even if it’s not baseball).

  • Josh Fisher

    Oof…the Process takes a hit. Let’s hope he does find his way back. Zack’s field trip ended up being a neat little break for a you ng arm, in addition to something tremendously important for his personal growth.

  • Greg Schaum


    I just saw that the Royals sent out a press release…I sat on this story all morning (after finding out ay 8:30 last night) and understood the sensitivity of it…I am not trying to be someone that has to tell the negative side of the business…but, it happens like last year with John Flanagan and Danny Gutierrez and I seem to be in a place where I get the bad with the good…Trust me, there is so much more good…
    I imagine the release came as I informed the Royals this morning I knew about this and with that info it does not surprise me that they went ahead with a press release

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